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Where have we been?!?

Good question ;) We actually had some exciting product development that happened that we just didn't take the time to talk about, and we apologize for neglecting our site for so long! Things tend to fly under the radar around here and we just keep moving!

One of our oldest projects that got off the ground late last year were some soccer kits. We had a local Louisiana youth soccer store express some interest in expanding their brand and adding a line of uniforms. As a former collegiate soccer player being our founder and a former trainee, (now employee) also being a former collegiate player, this was right up our alley! We hit the ground running and came up with some exciting designs for them. We also realized early on that we could only do the sampling in house, and there was no way we could facilitate production at the quantities they were hoping for, but nonetheless, we were excited to tackle the project and take it all the way from design to patterns to markers. We sourced lots of great performance fibers and thought about engineering from an athletes standpoint and how we could most aptly tackle the "sweat zones" while still remaining innovative and aesthetically pleasing. Below are some roughs that we sent off early on in the process. There was a lot of back and forth but our client and our team were extremely pleased with the project!

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