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New Developments in 2015!

As we closed out 2014, we were excited about many NEW developments in the works at the Design Lab NOLA. We've enjoyed being contracted by other organizations so much, that we're going to push to do so more regularly in 2015!

Our first launch will be with Callie Baby for a much anticipated and coveted Mardi Gras Carnival Collection!

A wonderful new client from North Carolina, Stacy, reached out to us about large quantity development and production. She had been having great success at trade shows and fairs, and wanted to go full force, and really launch her ridiculously adorable childrenwear line, Callie Baby! Of course we were excited and happy to help her reach her goals!

We went back and forth (and back and forth and back, back, forth and forth ;) ) and finalized the styles for each piece in the Carnival Set. We also helped Stacy souce fabrics using our resources here, based off of discussions, images, and swatches of materials she was interested in using. We created some muslin mock-ups, edited minor imperfections, and made changes where she wanted, and came up with a finalized pattern for production. From there we finalized the tech pack and started grading the production pattern into her specified size run. Once grading was complete, we created our marker. Once we printed our marker, and laid out our plys, we were ready to CUT! Some great time lapse clips below of the meticulous processes behind our markers and cutting...

Since it was a larger order than we're used to at the Design Lab, we decided to join forces with Nola Sewn to help with construction and finishing. Once construction was finished, we also developed and executed all embroidery in house.

Shout out to our fabulous fit models, the Emily's!

We had a great time collaborating with Stacy and Nola Sewn and present you with the Carnival Collection by Callie Baby. We look forward to future collaborations, and have upcoming releases we're excited to share in the very near future!

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