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Making the GRADE

We've got a new normal over here at the Design Lab...

Meet the newest member of our design team, GUNNER!

While we "love" having Gunner in the work room, it's not the most efficient way to get things done! But hey, just cause the nanny doesn't show up, doesn't mean we stop working...we make it work ;)

Somehow we figured out how to get through a good bit of pattern grading with him present! Just had to use a couple tricks up our sleeves (distraction in the form of jumpers, walkers, iPads, etc)

We were able to cover all the main concepts of pattern grading, and actually get to the practical application. Marcella created a beautiful trouser and crop for our Sacre Coeur Runway Show in March, and she is now learning how to put the entire look into production, starting with grading her trouser into a size run.

After understanding and applying all the concepts behind flat patterning and grading the trouser into a size run (and managing not to go cross-eyed from all the practical math application...anyone who has done it by hand knows what we mean...), we then went through the process in CAD using our new Optitex pattern software (to prevent future eye-crossing...Optitex is AMAZING and so efficient, we are so lucky to have this software)!

We managed to cover A LOT of material this week, even with our special guest, Gunner "helping" out ;)

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