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Back in the game...

Ok not really "back in the game"...but it's SOMETHING...which is better than a big blob of nothing, which is somewhat what the past 5 months of my life has felt like...(on the design forefront, that is...on the BABY forefront on the other hand, things are developing like wildfire, Gunner is MORE than a handful)

Above is a "behind the scenes shot" by Tracee Dundas of Fashion Week New Orleans. Tracee contacted me about using a few garments in some upcoming magazine layouts. She's styling for Art + Design New Orleans Magazine, and I'm really excited to see their upcoming collaborations. I'm hoping she's ok with me sharing this photo, although I can't imagine anyone is going to see this blogpost and holler enough to cause a commotion, but here's to keeping our fingers crossed on both ends ;)

I got my workroom (somewhat) back in order so she could peruse our sample stock (no workroom is complete without a baby monitor - bottom corner of the table - ha!)

So we know she tried this beauty above on for size...really intrigued to see what else may grace the pages of the magazine...keeping our fingers crossed for some good looks :) we'll keep you posted as we know more...

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