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Official Runway Day is Set - Saturday, March 22nd 5:30pm

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Saturday, March 22nd at 5:30 PM the Design Lab Sacré Coeur Collection will be premiering during Nola Fashion Week at the Shops at Canal Place.

Let the countdown begin...just about TWO WEEKS left (and 5 days overdue for a special baby delivery, thank you Gunner, for allowing me to tie up some last minute loose ends!) We're in the zone at this point, getting all our fittings wrapped up this coming week (WE HOPE!)...finalizing hair and make-up, music, shoes, accessories etc...adding the last details to all of our garments - Some of our last minute details include custom embroidery that will adorn several of our pieces...take a look at their beginnings, process, and a few other happenings this past week below...

Just another Thursday at the Design Lab...What to do when you're 2 days overdue for labor and having contractions? Patternmaking and sew-ups, of course!

Kristy thinks I'm crazy...AND probably wants to kill me for putting this pic up of her :) but I had to show off her spider-monkey shoulder yoke ;)

Runnin SERIOUS thread...

beginnings of something magical...come find out what on March 22nd!

We're counting down the days, and we hope you are too!

The full Nola Fashion Week Schedule can be found here; they're still working out some kinks on the site, but individual show tickets should be available soon. They're $25.00 per show, and the proceeds are going to a great organization that has really stepped up and supported the rapidly growing fashion industry here in New Orleans.

Don't forget to mark your calendars and save the date! Saturday, March 22nd, 5:30pm!


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