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I can never decide what's TOO much to reveal...but OH WELL...take a mini sneak peek at the Design Lab Sacré Coeur Collection and our first fittings

This is when it really starts getting REAL...real scary ;) We're well on our way now, there's really no turning back at this point (yes, turning back was a contemplation up until this point...seriously!) In the midst of the Mardi Gras Madness, as usual, ish hit the fan and our embroidery machine decided to collapse (from me running it ragged, no doubt...we've been running serious thread on that thing) Thankfully Dennis from Accurate Sewing came to our rescue, and we're back up and running. (also had a KILLER muscle strain in my neck that had me walking around like a T-Rex with no neck turning radius and disabled arm movements - Marci knows what I mean...ALSO keeping my legs permanently crossed to prevent a baby from exiting my womb, HIS DUE DATE IS TODAY!! stay put a little longer Gunner!) But what's a good runway show without a little background build-up drama...

Thanks for the tune-up Dennis!

Anyway, enjoy a few sneak peeks of what's in store, we had Joey and Luminetic Media here again for some fitting documentation and more interviews, can't wait to share the footage! We really appreciate them taking time out to shoot, considering it's MARDI GRAS TIME down here, and most people are out drinking and cutting's nice to know you can count on good people to come through when you need them, so shout out to Luminetic Media and to my models, Taylor Jordan, Dwane Davis, and Nadiya Kahn for being good sports!

We're so in love with our custom fabrics that we created...we can't wait to start adding all the special details and finishes that will really take this collection to the next level. We're so happy with our exploration into textile design and fabrication, and we can't wait to pursue it even further; It's been a long journey and we're so excited to see everything come together in the next couple weeks!!

Model Dwane Davis...our Lundi-Gras victim :)

Also, it's looking like Saturday, March 22nd is going to be our Runway day during NOLA Fashion Week, so mark your calendars!!! I'll keep you posted for further details with time and location. It's possible Gunner will be making his debut on the runway as well...we shall see what shape we're in at that point...Watching these garments walk during our first fittings was incredible, and we cannot wait to see the Design Lab Sacré Coeur Collection take the Runway!

Model Nadiya Kahn, who recently walked during NYFW! We love her and are so honored to have her!!

Taylor has been with us since our very first fashion show...she's our go-to gal, we'll never let her go!!!

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