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Started from the bottom now we're here...

Sneak Peek...come see the real thing during New Orleans Fashion Week, March 15-22nd

In honor of Marcella's FAVORITE Drake song (referring to the title of this post)...just kidding, she despises it, but seriously, she's come such a long way...Is it really possible that this will be Marci's first runway show ever?! She seems like a seasoned designer to us at this point; she was so ambitious during this whole journey, and it has really paid off! Everyone is going to be so impressed once her designs hit the runway.

She started with such little experience in pattern-making and construction, and her skill set has evolved exponentially! We know she's talented, but we're still shocked and amazed everytime we see her pieces come to life on the dress forms...we're so excited and proud of her and we cannot WAIT for her to show 3 of her custom designed and executed pieces in the Design Lab Sacre Coeur Collection during New Orleans Fashion Week, March 15-22nd! (details on specific show date and time TBA)

We also love that we have somewhat documented the journey, so enjoy our homage to Marcella below :)

First Torso Drape

Converted torso drape into custom design

choosing fabrics for her custom designs

editing her torso pattern

Flat patterning her trouser foundation...

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