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Upcoming Art Show

Have the privilege of calling New Orleans artist, Ayo Scott, a great friend. He has an upcoming show, and he asked if I'd be interested in showing a garment. I told him I'd be crazy to say yes right now, so of course, I said YES...

This exhibit will show the relationships between ART and DESIGN. Its focus is centered around demystifying the processes of art / design creation and highlighting the work of Design Media (a fresh young design firm based in New Orleans). The show will display graphic design, product design, furniture design, fashion design, painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and an installation curated by Carl Joe Williams and Ayo Scott, and a spoken word performances curated by Gian Francisco Smith.

I'm busting it even harder in the studio to try and get a new piece together to show this Saturday, February 8th at 6pm at the Joan Mitchell Center (1000 N. Rampart, NOLA). Link to the event on Facebook and more about the artists involved can be found here.

Still TBD what piece I'll be showing...but hoping to show a piece from the upcoming "Sacre Coeur" Collection by the Design Lab (which will be officially unveiled during New Orleans Fashion Week in March)...fingers crossed...I'll attempt to post progress/updates before the show...

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