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Things I'm excited about...

Fashion week is less than a week away, and I'm just so excited about all my FABRICS!  I've taken a lot of time to select and design each fabric, from material to the patterns/prints you'll be seeing.  It's very graphic, and invokes the spirit of historic art and textiles...without giving away too much, wanted to give you a little preview of what you'll see on Thursday March 21st at 630pm at the Sugar Mill :)



Here at theDesign​Lab it's our mission to take an under-served population women here in New Orleans, and TRAIN, EMPOWER, AND EMPLOY THEM! Our first recruit is Neslye F.  She is currently studying to receive her GED, and is intensely interested in Fashion (and merchandising more specifically!).  Neslye will be learning to sew and work on projects to aid in the development of the​DesignLab Fall 2013 Collection which will be released on March 21st, 2013 during Fashion Week New Orleans!


Local Collaboration

Prepping for an appearance on WWL tomorrow morning, so a little frantic, but quickly calmed down when I picked up the jewelry from local artist, Douriean Fletcher of Eklektik Ekhos.  I sat down with Douriean a couple weeks back to talk about potential collaboration for this show and we bounced some ideas back and forth and this is what was created...couldn't be happier!  Our collections truly compliment each other.



Couldn't be happier with the recent interview and press coverage by WWL which can be seen here.  Getting so excited for the Runway Competition on Thursday at the Sugar Mill!  I was able to grab some behind the scene's shots of my girls at WWL station and wanted to share some of the fun!

Hope to see you at the show on Thursday, there's MUCH more to see!!! Also be sure to check out my blouse in the interview ;)


3rd Place Overall

You can't win em all ;)  Disappointed, but proud.  So glad I got to show on two nights during Fashion Week New Orleans, what great exposure!!  Lots of interest and feedback from buyers, and now have to get to WORK...Production starts Monday!  Neslye is ready to get started and so is everyone else at theDesignLab, so start putting your orders in!

Here is a video from Thursday night, and stay tuned for a photoshoot by Steven Forster...



Out of the 12 designers selected to compete in the Top Design Competition during Fashion Week New Orleans, I was one of four selected to advance and compete on Saturday, March 23rd!  Have to whittle it down to only 4 looks instead of 10 to represent theDesignLab...that's going to be TOUGH...take a look at some of the models getting prepped for hair and makeup and outfit selection process... 


Making Moves

Working on theDesignLab Fall 2013 Lookbook; would love feedback, check out some ideas for the cover and see my last lookbook here.  Still waiting photoshoot film by Steven Forster, so most likely the images will be diff, but the layout and font can be decided now.  Set up a meeting with a local factory, NOLA Sewn, owned by a great designer and friend, Lisa Iacono.  Planning on having her offset what Neslye, Marci and myself can't complete in-house for orders!  Stay tuned for theDesignLab in stores soon...




Lookbook Layout

theDesignLab lookbook is coming together...contemplating inside page layouts.  Thinking of having a single still shot page, and then a combo image page that displays various views of each piece and gives a brief description for each look.  I attached some of the combo page layouts with brief descriptions for your viewing pleasure ;)

Email my contact page with feedback if you're feeling it...and if you're not! 


Loving the PRESS!

theDesignLab has been continuing to make major moves, and in the midst of all the startup madness, we were able to talk with an amazing stylist/designer Kela Norman, who posted a great interview on the FashionCrushOne website!  The link to the interview can be found here, and we couldn't be happier with the release!  It's such an honor and we really appreciate the time, efforts, and publicity! 


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